Fall 2016 Trend Forecast for Fashion & Home


Midnight in the Garden: the classic, and often dated, chintz is revamped with photorealistic blooms that glow on moody, dark backgrounds. This new class of florals is shown on runways in crisp, modern silhouettes and has been paired with subtle, minimalist furnishings in interiors. The blossoming floral on an unexpected dark ground contrasts with these streamlined forms, balancing and modernizing the print.



Tribe du Maroc: Moroccan rugs and textiles, such as the plush black and white Beni Ourain rug and the ivory Handira, or wedding blanked, adorned with rows of shaggy wool pile and silver discs strung to create symbols of good luck, have been finding their way into designer homes in recent years. A lesser known textile, the Azilal, is the Beni Ourain's funkier little sister.  Azilals are playful, characterized by shapes and symbols that appear sketched by hand in bright colors on soft cream ground.  A fun alternative to the neutral Beni Ourain, these novelty rugs are beginning to appear in interiors and I would love to see stylized prints inspired by them on textiles in both fashion and home.


Going Baroque: pulling its inspiration from the opulence of historic aristocracy, this trend showcases haute couture pieces of silk and velvet embellished with gold brocade and pearls to capture the rich texture and scrolling forms of the Baroque period. This style has been expressed in architecture for centuries, but now the opportunity to create grandeur is available on a smaller scale in gilded and adorned accessories.



Folk Lore: a style firmly rooted in the "more is more" aesthetic. For years the heavily embroidered suzanis of Uzbekistan have peppered interiors as wall hangings, sofa blankets, and the pattern inspiration for upholstery fabrics. This trend has grown to include other highly textural arts such as Mexican Otomi embroidery and paper arts known as Pujaki from Poland, and these inspirations are finding their way on to fashion's runways. This focus on folk arts and crafts brings a handmade, bohemian look with roots in history and storytelling to objects in both home and fashion.

Fall 2016 Trend Forecast for Back to School


Little Storytellers: embraces creativity and fosters expression. A new school year is a fresh start and a chance for kids to share who they are and what interests them. Watercolor stains, book cover art, handwriting, and sketches are elements that share a handmade feel and can be used to showcase an attitude or interest and will help children to wear who they are on their sleeve - or backpack, or pencil case - this year.


Desert Chill: small and robust, succulents and air plants are popular because they are hearty and able to thrive in most conditions. They also have a very simple, sculptural, almost prehistoric look to them that makes them appealing from a design perspective. Succulents are easy for kids to care for and that, paired with their frosty color and unique shape, make them a fun, natural inspiration for form, pattern, and color.